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Garage and MOT Test Centre in Holland Park and Hammersmith

We’re confident in our claim that we’re not the same as most other garages in Hammersmith and Holland Park. In an area dominated by fast-fit centres and nationally-operated chains, our garage and MOT test centre retains full independent status and has done since as far back as 1992. This makes us a popular choice for motorists in Hammersmith, Holland Park and West London who prefer to use a more personable company for car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing.


We’ll discuss our services in more detail shortly but one thing you can expect to find at Netherwood Autos Ltd that you won’t find with dealerships, fast-fit and nationally-operated garages is a genuine value-for-money service. Our company doesn’t have to absorb high overhead costs, unpaid warranty work, huge staff turnover and all of the drawbacks which are faced by non-independent garages in the Hammersmith and Holland Park areas.


Add in the fact that we’re an MOT test centre as well and it’s easier to see why so many motorists locally come to use our services. Car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing can be undertaken by a single, customer-focused company, covering Hammersmith and Holland Park, with a full commitment to competitive pricing, first-class service, exemplary workmanship and the pursuit of total customer satisfaction. These are the qualities that set us apart from the competition.



Car Repairs


Netherwood Autos deliver high-end car repairs for Hammersmith, Holland Park and West London motorists using a combination of traditional mechanical skills and innovative trade technology. The very best garages, locally and nationally, understand the importance of regular investment into new tooling. Modern car repairs focus heavily on engine management and we have advanced engine diagnostic equipment in place for this type of work.


That said, we are still capable of using more conventional troubleshooting techniques to discover a wide range of mechanical issues. Our company is always open and transparent about car repairs and treats all Hammersmith and Holland Park customers with dignity and respect.



Car Servicing


Manufacturers generally recommend full car servicing whenever a vehicle has covered 12,000 miles or has been on the road for 12 months. High-mileage drivers should also book in for interim car servicing at 6-monthly or 6,000 mile intervals, whichever comes first. Netherwood Autos match dealership garages in Hammersmith, Holland Park and West London for quality of car servicing. This is because we adhere to the same service schedules as local main agents.


While dealerships only provide car servicing for one type of manufacturer marque, however, we can provide scheduled or interim maintenance on any make or model. We do this without invalidating your warranties or compromising your full service history.



MOT Testing


Annual MOT testing for Class IV vehicles is provided by Netherwood Autos and by booking in for timely inspections, Hammersmith and Holland Park motorists reduce the risk of incurring fines of up to £1,000. Our MOT test centre performs roadworthiness, safety and emission checks and subject to passing these, a new MOT certificate will be issued for the next 12-month period. MOT testing can be performed up to 28 days of a current certificate expiring.


If your vehicle fails the MOT testing procedure, we’ll notify you of any issues and can arrange any subsequent car repairs with your approval. Our MOT test centre can often perform smaller repairs on the same day and present your vehicle for a free retest.


Call Netherwood Autos on 020 7371 4677 for car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing at the fairest, most competitive prices in Hammersmith, Holland Park and West London.

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